Production plant via Massimo D’Antona 10

The new plant is dedicated to the production of food intended for a sensitive group of people, those intolerant to gluten. Such a project was born from our desire to offer “safe” products to this group of people, who show bad reactions to gluten. This is the reason why decided not to have these products manufactured in an area of the plant which was already operative, but to rather reserve a whole separate building to them, in order to guarantee a total separation of the storage, manufacturing and inspection areas.
Processings are the same as those of the plant placed in Via Massimo D’Antona 5 but here, in Via Massimo D’Antona 10, the basic requirement of natural absence of gluten is strictly respected. A sampling of any production batch of this plant is sent to external laboratories for gluten detection. The product is sent to the client only after the analysis has given a good result.
As well as being totally dedicated to gluten free products, our plant is authorized to pack nutritional supplements, food added with vitamins and minerals, food for special medical purposes and gluten free food, according to the EXECUTIVE DECISION N. 633 9/7/14 (such Decision replaces the Ministerial Clearance, in accordance with ex Legislative Decree 111/92). The Executive Decision is an authorization which is now granted by the Regions; in our case it has been granted by the Healthcare Administration of the Piedmont Region.
Together with being GLUTEN FREE guaranteed in accordance with the current regulations (gluten lower than 20 ppm – parts per million, i.e. milligrams in a kilo), the products we manufacture in our plant can be NOTIFIED TO THE HEALTH MINISTRY and can obtain the DISTRIBUTION when provided by the National Health Service