Our rotating mixers prepare blends for breakfast, for main dishes, for side dishes and for snacks.


Our packaging machines are equipped with multihead scales and metal detectors and can make the following packs:

  • square bottom pack (four weldings)
  • pillow pack

We both pack in customized film (possibly overprinting the missing texts) or in neutral film, with in-line sticking of one or two labels (front and back).

Statistical weight control is performed out of the line.

We can offer different kinds of packaging to our clients: we consider the product nature so as to identify the most suitable packaging for it, in order to preserve its features at best, during its shelf life:

  • Vacuum packaging
  • MAP modified atmosphere packaging (by blowing nitrogen)
  • Preformed bags
  • Doypack bags
  • Glass jars with screw top
  • Plastic containers with measuring cap
  • Cans with aroma cap

We can also pack in cases and apply carton tops with eyelets.