Any company has to maintain a self-monitoring manual based on the HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). The HACCP method represents a systematic approach to identification, evaluation and handling of hazards. It basically consists of: conducting a Hazard Analysis (HA), identifying Critical Control Points (CCP), establishing critical limits, establishing CCP monitoring requirements, establishing corrective actions and establishing verification procedures.

WHAT YOU DO is very important in any environment.

HOW YOU DO IT is as much as important.

We are able to offer supervised products thanks to the evaluation process for suppliers and products, the interior controls and the Analysis Plans performed by accredited external laboratories.
Any pack produced in our plants and put on the market is traceable from raw material to point of sale (i.g. from our supplier to our client) and vice versa, in accordance with the current regulation.
When entering our plant, raw materials undergo focused inspections to ensure that the sanitary and commodity- related requirements are respected, without ignoring basic prerequisites such as adequate transport conditions and packaging conditions. We take some samples and we control them through sifting, observation and compatibility with the inspected batch. If no cooking is required, inspection finishes with product tasting performed by company owners, employees and packaging operators; they are all people who have gained a deep knowledge of the products. The goods passing the inspection are placed in the warehouse and marked with proper adhesive labels, they can then be conveyed in the processing/packaging area.
Inspection continues while packaging is performed, thanks to the operators who monitor the activity performance, in close cooperation with the Plant Manager and the Quality Control Office.


Our organic productions are controlled and guaranteed by QCertificazioni, independent Control Body authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (Ministerial Decree no. 26740 dated 04/12/2009), accredited by ACCREDIA (sole national accreditation body – certificate no. 094B) in accordance with regulation UNI CEI EN 45011 Ed. 1999.
QCertificazioni carries out inspections in order to guarantee respect of the European regulation for agricolture and organic processing (EC Regulations 834/07, 889/08 and further modifications and integrations).

We are able to handle processing of both products from organic and conventional farming thank to the temporal separation of processes, to the physical separation of raw materials and to the cleaning procedures, duly programmed.