The STELLA brand was born in the 60s when the Piedmontese market started to know and appreciate its wide range of flours.

In year 2002 Francesco and Carmen Bertoncini founded STELLA FOODS and turned the STELLA brand into the new brand STELLA Evoluzione Alimentare, which is now present in some of the most important chains of the Mass Retail Channel.

Francesco and Carmen matured a great experience and a deep awareness towards quality and safety issues. Therefore, the natural evolution of their company has concerned the organic market as well, with a strong inclination to continuous innovation.

Today STELLA FOODS is a team of close people operating in two different production units, one of which exclusively dedicated to GLUTEN FREE products.

STELLA FOODS is a company with an Italian hearth, led by a creative spirit and by the tradition of a healthy nutrition. They have been putting their activity in the service of consumers and companies, offering high quality products.



Our Research & Development staff focuses on searching for products always in line with the market trend. The tools which let us pinpoint latest trends and reason in terms of innovation are our constant presence at the international exhibitions on food, organic farming and technical innovation and our supervision of product ranges in the Italian and European points of sale.


Potential new suppliers and products are submitted to the inspection of the Quality Control Service and judged through specific procedures. After a first phase of papers evaluation, technical in-depth analysis follows.


To work is a right. To work in an organized, peaceful and happy place is a pleasure! Here is another cornerstone of the company: quality of life produces high quality work, as a natural consequence.

So people can grow great and, thanks to them, their companies can do the same.
This is the way the best ideas are born and the best professionalisms are created.

Francesco and Carmen were able to blend high-value experts together, instilling their enthusiasm into them.

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